India is land of varying topography & the weather varies accordingly. There Is spring in March, summer occurs from April to June with temperatures rising up to 40 C. Monsoon from Mid-July to Mid-August. Post monsoon season from September to October . The weather starts to become pleasant in October with autumn right around the corner. Autumn in November with enjoyable weather & Winter from December to Feb.

Maharajas Express operates from October to April, every week & covers destinations all across the central north & central west India.

Rajasthan mainly a desert state is covered in all itineraries. The best time to visit is around November with weather fluctuating between 31C to 39C, while the night time temperatures range from 17C to 22C.

Winter, from late December till Feb, remains pleasant enough for travel. The lowest temperatures often go down to 7C during this time. Moreover, the nights remain extremely cold. January is considered as the coldest month of the year when the average high falls to 17 C.

Agra, Varansi, Orchha & Khajuraho have similar climatic patters as they are in the plains & extreme weather conditions are not prevalent in those parts.

Mumbai's climate can be best described as moderate temperatures with high level of humidity. Its coastal nature and tropical location ensures moderate temperatures throughout the year, average of 27.2 C