Awarded "World's Leading Luxury Train" at The World Travel Awards 2012

India is a land of cultural diversity. A rich heritage left by our ancestors & preserved by us. Each traveller says that they experienced a unique journey & that they would like to come back again. Many road to discover, Countless destinations to visit. Centuries of history to soak up & so little time.
Maharajas' Express makes your trip practical, convenient & comfortable with the highest standards.

The train has a high-tech pneumatic and hydraulic suspension system which ensures a smoother train ride.

We provide you with a luxurious adventure & everything that goes with it.

5 circuits to choose from, collectively, covering more than 12 destinations with their own individual charm & vibrant cultures.

One of the most expensive and luxurious luxury train rides in the world, the salons of the Maharaja Express train draws inspiration from the private saloons of the erstwhile Maharajas of India. Each of the cabins including the dining coupes is suffused with nostalgia of past grandeur. Quaint decor fused together with the contemporary amenities create an aura of sheer opulence and 5 Star pampering inside the cabins of Maharaja Express. Besides 4 different categories of Passenger cabins ,there are Plush facilities such as 2 restaurants, spa salon, bar, lounge, fitness centre and business centre.

Even eminent journalist writers and Master Chefs such as Sir Mark Tully and Vivek Singh have graced this train with their presence - not just as mere travel companion but part of the crew - since its inception in March 2010. From every modern amenity which money can buy to eco-friendly technologies and services, every aspect of an elegant train journey has been looked into with meticulous diligence. A train that never falls short of surprises and at the same time promising travellers a royal experience, the mesmerizing journey undertaken abroad the Maharajas' Express helps in savouring every bit of this magical & magnificent country called India.